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Dr. Rogers discusses Ricki Lakes Hair Loss

Recently celebrity Ricki Lake went public with her very painful battle with hair loss. Dr. Roger’s is a board certified dermatologist and hair loss expert located in New Orleans. Dr. Rogers notes that her experience is not that uncommon for…
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Norwood Class 5 Hair Loss – Case Study

This 46 year old male had advance Norwood 5 classification hair loss. He wanted to reestablish his hairline and  add some density throughout without creating an obvious change. Dr. Rogers transplanted 1,650 follicular units containing 1-4  hairs. using FUT hair…
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Happy Hairline Restoration

This is a 62 year old female who underwent hair surgery receiving 939 1-4 hair follicular units to bring back her frontal hairline and reframe her face. She is shown before and 18 months after her procedure. She has also…
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Oral Minoxidil – Alternative to Finasteride

This 47 year old gentleman chose to use a combination of oral minoxidil 1.25mg and topical finasteride solution 0.25% daily, instead of oral finasteride and topical minoxidil. His photos are shown before and after 6 months of use. This photo is…
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Medical Hair Loss Therapy Follow Up

This is a 50 year old gentleman who got started on oral finasteride 1mg daily and topical minoxidil 5% foam twice daily in May 2018. Since then he has gradually  seen very nice regrowth over the midscalp area. These photos…
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Dr. Rogers Presents at the ASDS in Chicago

Dr. Rogers gives a presentation on “Traditional and Integrative Medical Therapies for Hair Loss.” at the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL – She also catches up with longtime colleague Dr. Marc Avram of NYC. Dr.…
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