Combination Medical Therapy For Hair Loss

For years hair restoration specialists have prescribed combination medical therapy for hair loss. The reason is that, it appears that more is better.

When patients have been on a single therapy like finasteride or dutasteride and seem to plateau in regards to benefits from the drug, adding an appropriate adjunct can boost the results and often generate dramatic results without surgery.

68 y/o male before and 5 years after combination medical therapy with dutasteride .5mg daily and oral minoxidil 2.5mg daily

This 70 year old female was experiencing a hairline recession similar to male hair loss. She wanted to restore her hairline to a more youthful appearance. Dr. Rogers felt she should  try medical therapy before considering hair transplant surgery. The patient began a combination therapy of oral finasteride, oral minoxidil, and topical minoxidil. The photos are from before treatment, after 6 months and 18 months after initiating therapy.

Crown view before and 6 months after beginning combination medical therapy. He started on topical minoxidil 5% foam twice daily as well as Procrinix shampoo / conditioner (dispensed in our office).

Before and 6 months after beginning medical hair loss therapy.