Hair Transplant Costs

FUT Hair Transplant Pricing

Each follicular unit contains 1-4 hairs. These are bound together by sebaceous glands and a tiny muscle called the arrector pili. The percentage of follicular units of each size is determined by your genetics. We do NOT break up follicular units in order to charge you more for a surgery. It takes us the same amount of time to separate follicular unit grafts whether each one contains a single hair or 4 hairs. Most people have a combination of 1,2,3 and 4-hair follicular units.

Traditional Donor Ellipse (Strip) Harvesting

This technique continues to be the gold standard for all women, and for men who need a large session and who are willing to wear their hair 1-2cm long in the back.
This is because it allows for the harvesting of the greatest amount of hairs, with the least amount of trauma, from the most permanent donor zone, in the shortest amount of time. It also does not require shaving a large section of the back of the head.

We offer a fixed-fee schedule, as follows:

< 500 grafts $5000
500 – 750 grafts $6000
750 – 1000 grafts $7000
1000 – 1250 grafts $7500
1250 – 1500 grafts $8500
1500 – 1750 grafts $9500
1750- 2000 grafts $10000

Your fee includes all follow-up visits after surgery, as well as lunch the day of the procedure and a complete ‘go bag’ with items for postoperative care. We like to see our patients at 1 week, 1 month, 4 months, 8 months and 12 months after your procedure. Patients who live out of town may prefer to do a phone follow up. We are happy to change your dressing the day after your procedure if scheduling allows. (see FAQ: Post-operative instructions)

prosperhealthcarefundingbuttonFollicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

This technique is offered to men who wear their hair very short and do not want a linear scar in the back of the head. Each follicular unit contains 1-4 hairs. Dr. Rogers has the relative luxury of choosing what size follicular units are most needed for the particular goals to be achieved. If adding density is the goal, she can choose more 3-4 hair follicular units. If softening the hairline is what is desired, she can choose more single-hair follicular units. Either way, she must leave enough space between follicles so that the area heals well and looks natural. She uses magnification loupes to examine the donor area to select hairs.

FUE Pricing – Cost Per Session

< 500 grafts $5500
500 – 750 grafts $6500
750 – 1000 grafts $7500
1000 – 1250 grafts $8500
1250 – 1500 grafts $9500
1500 – 1750 grafts (May be 2 days) $10,500
1750 – 2000 grafts (May be 2 days) $12,500

If more than 1500 follicular units are required, and you have adequate donor density, you may undergo a two-day procedure. Pricing is based on a flat session charge based on the graft range above and will be given on a case by case basis during your consultation with Dr. Rogers.