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Nicole Rogers, MD
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 by Wesley P
Great Experience!

I had a great experience at Hair Restoration Of The South. Dr. Rogers’ and her entire staff were very friendly and attentive while helping me achieve the hairline I desired. From the pre-op consultation to all post-op follow-ups, the entire experience exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Dr. Rogers!

 by Michele
Great Experience

I had a hair transplant procedure. Dr. Roger’s is so personable and she made me very comfortable. The procedure was painless. As an African American female, I have had more pain after having my hair braided. I never needed any pain meds after the procedure. She called to check on me the day after. A great experience.

 by J.B.
Good Results

Obtained good results from my small transplant area with little to no risk/side effects or scarring. I also felt the cost was reasonable; although, I only did a very small area to conceal a scar. I am writing this review approximately 7 months post surgery. Dr. Rogers also has good reputation in her field.

 by Eddie B.

I have nothing but positive comments for Dr. Nicole Rogers, her staff, and her office. First impressions are important and when I first met Dr. Rogers I felt confident I was in the right place at the right time. Prior to relocating to Mandeville, LA, from Florida, Dr. Rogers came highly recommended by two of her peers residing in Miami. I know Dr. Rogers has always put my best interests first as I felt comfortable when the time came for the procedure. This is my first procedure with Dr. Nicole Rogers but it is my second FUE to date and I only wish I would have came to her first. If I do ever need another hair transplant it will without doubt be at Hair Restoration of the South with Dr. Nicole Rogers.
I am one month post surgery and already seeing great results, MY HAIR GROWING! WOO HOO!!

 by Corky W. - Google Verified Review
I couldn't be happier!

It's been two years since Dr Rogers did my hair transplant, and I can't believe it took me this long to write a review. The experience was first class all the way--from planning to follow-up. The surgery itself was painless, and if there was any pain while healing, I've forgotten it. My hair was thinning on top and she suggested 1500 follicles which not only thickened up that area but also lowered my hairline about ½ inch. So not only did she correct the thinning but also made my forehead less high. I couldn't be happier with the results.

 by Roger D.
All I can say is WOW!!

I had a hair transplant procedure with Dr. Rogers 6 months ago and all I can say is WOW! I did a lot of research and visited several clinics in the process. You can tell Dr. Rogers is passionate about providing patients with the best possible outcome. Her bedside manner is impecable and you never feel rushed. No one knows that I have had the procedure except my brother, two close friends and my wife. I took 17 days off of work over the holidays to let the redness subside and after that just watched my new hair grow. If you look at before and after photos anyone would say that I had to have had a procedure, but the regrowth process happens gradually so it is unnoticable. Most people can spot a bad hair transplant because of poor technique, a picket fence hairline, or putting multi-graft follicles at the hairline. I have only single grafts in my hairline, an age appropriate hairline and no visible scaring. I had the FUT strip procedure and the incision line on the back of my head is virtually undetectable. Dr. Rogers told me pre-procedure that she would put her suture line up against anyone's and she was right. I have a hard time finding the scar and I know where it is. Other clinics who dabble in hair transplantation should be avoided. Dr. Rogers and her staff is involved every step of the way. They say that much of the noticable growth occurs in months 7-12. I am at 6 months and haven't had this much hair in 20 years, so I can't wait to see the results at 12 months. Overall the procedure and recovery time is no big deal. My main concern was people knowing I had it done and how it would look in the end. No one knows I had it done and the look is very natural. I do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Rogers for someone seeking this procedure. If I knew what I know now, I would have had this done a decade ago. I have been transformed from someone who was balding significantly, to the guy in the room with hair. Thank you Dr. Rogers and staff!

 by G.B
Absolutely the BEST!!

Dr. Rogers is absolutely the BEST!!!  She is highly knowledgeable, caring, professional, kind, compassionate, responsive, and a wonderful person!! I live in Los Angeles, so most of our communication was via FaceTime. In 2017, Dr. Rogers started advising me about appropriate hair therapies which I began immediately. After 3 years of religiously following her advise, I went from being almost bald at the top of my head to having much more hair all over my head! I am forever grateful to her for helping me go from being absolutely devastated about how my hair looked, to being much happier with the current fullness of my hair. I strongly and enthusiastically recommend Dr. Rogers to anyone looking to improve the quality of their hair!!


 by Dana D
Dr. Rogers Cares!!

My experience was extremely positive (exceeded my expectations). Dr Rogers and staff are very professional; the office is clean, the equipment is state of the art and the office runs ON TIME (friendly environment is a bonus).

Dr Rogers answered all of my questions and even took the extra time to insure I completely understood the treatment plan (very pleased with the results).

I'm convinced she honestly cares about the well being of her patients. Are 6 stars an option?

 by Christine C
Dr. Rogers Gets Results

Dr. Rogers is the New Orleans specialist in Hair Loss. I had been to multiple dermatologists in various cities who failed to diagnose my FFA hair loss, it just wasn't their specialty. Dr. Rogers immediately knew what the problem was and put me on a program to control future hair loss. Hair loss can be extremely emotional and upsetting for women, Dr. Rogers understands that and works hard to find solutions.
She is an excellent doctor, stays current with new technology and is passionate about what she does. She also understand the emotional side of hair loss and is very compassionate with her patients. Her office staff is super friendly and I have never had to wait more than 5-10 minutes for my appointment. She also runs a fantastic quarterly support group for people suffering from hair loss.

 by Chris L
Highly Recommend Dr. Rodgers

I am very happy with my experience with Dr Rogers and the improved thickness of my hair. I first met with Dr Rogers thinking I needed transplant surgery. After talking through my options I decided to go with a topical solution and daily pill. Ultimately the topical solution is working out great for me; I stopped taking the pill because I hate taking medication. After 6-months I have noticed a drastic increase in hair growth and thickness. I highly recommend meeting with Dr Rogers.

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