Scalp Camouflage

Camouflage agents can be a valuable tool to address the ‘see-through’ nature of hair loss and to reduce the contrast between the scalp and hair. Dr. Rogers routinely recommends them to her patients who are self-conscious about their hair loss. They can be especially helpful while waiting for a hair transplant to grow in, or while waiting for medical therapies to have an effect (or both).

Several products are composed of fine synthetic keratin fibers that can be shaken onto the scalp. They include Toppik, Nanogen, and X-Fusion. Some are available with atomizers to spray the product evenly in and among existing hairs. Toppik can usually be found online or at Sally’s Beauty Supply in eight different colors. Patients usually do well if they choose a shade slightly lighter than their hair. This way it is subtle and does not look too obvious.

Dr. Rogers has had a custom hair fiber scalp camouflage – Hair Fibers Max – manufactured for her patients.

This is a safe and amazingly effective, immediate solution for filling in thinning hair with natural keratin hair fibers that blend beautifully with the existing hair. In the video Dr. Nicole Rogers – a board certified dermatologist based in New Orleans – demonstrates application on a female patient.

This is a 41 year old Asian man who benefited from the application of our HRS Camouflage powders.

Another camouflage that is well-liked by patients is called Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder spray. It comes in a number of colors, including brown, black, white, and blondish. This spray also helps reduce the contrast between hair and scalp contrast. It is available online ( or in Sephora stores.

Lastly, Joan Rivers has a product that comes in a compact that can be applied directly to the scalp. It is available in three different colors (blonde, brunette, salt&pepper) online ( or through QVC.

For Eyebrows: Divaderme Brow Extender (Eyebrows in a Bottle). Easy to apply, impossible to tell. Comes in three colors. About $29. Available online at (

Extensions & Hairpieces

Many women report that extensions can lend fullness to their hair. Dr. Rogers advises that any extensions not be too heavy or tight. Generally the broader the base at which the extensions are applied the less they will pull on existing hair follicles. Stylists who install the extensions should be knowledgeable and highly experienced in their technique. If there is any pulling or breakage then the extensions should be removed.

Some local stylists we can recommend are:

David Falcon (South Shore)
3953 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70115

Twisted Hair Salon
4824 Prytania
New Orleans, LA 70115

Bernard Ory (North Shore)
On Stage Hair Studio
1169 Robert Boulevard # C
Slidell, LA 70458
(985) 646-1117

Other patients with advanced hair loss desire hairpieces or wigs to help achieve the adequate coverage they need. There are a number of excellent businesses and salons that offer realistic and natural hairpieces. Contact our office for further recommendations.