FUT Strip Harvest

Follicular Unit Transplant

For years, the strip harvest (FUT) as been the gold standard for successful, contemporary hair transplantation. This technique allows for the movement of a large number of follicular units with minimal transection (traumatic damage) to the grafts. It also allows for harvesting from the most permanent donor zone. Patients should expect a narrow linear scar where the strip is harvested. This scar will be barely visible and easily covered by surrounding hair as long as it is 1/2 to one inch long. Using advanced surgical techniques, we optimize the scar appearance by performing the trichophytic closure. This advanced technique involves removing a tiny ledge of skin along the strip, so that as the hair grows in, it will grow through the scar.

The whole process of strip removal generally takes only 15-20 minutes. After receiving a mild oral sedative, patients are seated in a prone (face-down) position. We trim only the hair to be harvested. Then using vibration to distract, we use a tiny needle to locally anesthetize the area. We remove a strip of hair-bearing skin from the back of the head, and the area is closed with a dissolving suture. As soon as this is done, a temporary dressing is applied and patients may turn over to nap, watch a movie, or watch a relaxing beach/ocean video.

Once the strip is harvested the individual grafts are prepared using bioptic microscopes to assure each natural occurring hair bundle (graft) is safely and accurately dissected to maximize hair growth.


Each follicular unit contains 1-4 hairs. These are bound together by a sebaceous glands and tiny muscle called the arrector pili. The percentage of follicular units of each size is determined by your genetics. We do NOT break up follicular units in order to charge you more for a surgery. It takes us the same amount of time to separate follicular unit grafts whether each one contains a single hair or 4 hairs. Most people have a combination of 1,2,3 and 4-hair follicular units.

We offer a fixed-fee schedule, as follows:

< 500 grafts $5000
500 – 750 grafts $6000
750 – 1000 grafts $7000
1000 – 1250 grafts $7500
1250 – 1500 grafts $8500
1500 – 1750 grafts $9500
1750 – 2000 grafts $10,000

This fee includes lunch on the day of the procedure, your post-operative kit, and all follow-up visits for 2 years after surgery. We like to see patients at 1-2 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months after your procedure. We are happy to change your dressing the day after surgery as well. (see FAQ: Post-operative instructions)