African American Hair Transplant

While there are unique aspects to transplanting African-Americans, our team has extensive experience in achieving natural results. First, it is imperative that Dr. Rogers meet with you to understand your hair loss history and treatments used thus far. Women who have traction alopecia (thinning along the sideburns due to tight braids or pulling) can benefit from surgery. Artistically placed grafts help improve the hairline and can be used to camouflage this common problem. For those who suffer with large areas of thinning or hair loss in the central scalp CCCA, (short for central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia) hair transplants may be helpful.

Our team has successfully transplanted the crown (vertex) of many women with CCCA. We often start with ‘test’ grafts to an area. When we establish that they have grown successfully (after 6-12 months) we can proceed with larger sessions of more grafts to fill the area in.

Many women find that this also allows them to space out their investment, which is approximately $500 per session of 5 punch grafts ($100/large graft). Larger cases may result in a lower fee per graft. Patients who are interested should discuss this with Dr. Rogers in person to assess their needs and treatment options. Other patients may elect to proceed with a standard strip excision. Healing is usually not an issue.

Before and only 4 months post op. 1400 grafts transplanted.