A Facelift scar can also be corrected with hair transplantation.

A Facelift scar can also be corrected with hair transplantation.

Corrective Hair Transplant Surgery

We have all seen friends or acquaintances with hair transplants that have that pluggy look. This is the result of early transplantation techniques where 10-15 hairs were transplanted at a time. The good news is that contemporary hair transplant techniques can help make these look more natural. We have several techniques to revise these grafts and make them more natural in appearance:

1) Remove the oversized grafts and recycle them into smaller 1-4 hair follicular units. We can place them back into the same area or move the hairline back or forward at the same time. This is the preferred technique because it does not waste the hairs and offers the best cosmesis.

2) Harvest additional grafts from the back to soften and camouflage these larger grafts. This is a good choice for persons who are not bothered by the slightly oversized grafts and just want to fill in the areas of thinning around them.

3) Use laser hair removal or electrolysis to remove the hairs altogether. This technique is appropriate for someone who is bothered by the oversized grafts but does not want further surgery. We offer laser hair removal in our office and can give local recommendations for electrolysis.

4) Patients with scars along the hairline from Facelift procedures can also have corrective hair transplantation to camouflage the scars.

During your consultation Dr. Rogers will assess your existing distribution of hairs to identify and create the best surgical solution for you. Often she uses a combination of techniques. If there is any pitting or scars (depressions in the scalp) you may also benefit from fractionated laser resurfacing to smooth and even out the scalp surface.