25th ISHRS World Scientific Congress in Prague Congress Centre, Czech Republic

October 2017 was a busy month for Dr. Nicole Rogers. First, she traveled to Polanica Zdrój, Poland for the World Live Surgery Workshop – FUE Immersion – sponsored by the International Society of Hair Surgery (ISHRS). The purpose of the workshop was to share knowledge among surgical peers to improve FUE techniques, further develop current FUE technologies, and teach the techniques necessary to perform FUE at a high level.

Next Stop was the 25th ISHRS World Scientific Congress in Prague Congress Centre, Czech Republic, where Dr. Rogers, who is a Harvard Trained, Board Certified Dermatologist provide instruction in the Diagnosis and treatment of Cicatricial Alopecia (scarring baldness). She also participated in several panel discussions including Hair Loss Diagnosis for the Non-Dermatologist and lead a Workshop to help surgeons identify and predict what comprises a safe donor area as well as how to plan and harvest a donor strip whilst minimizing follicle transection.

Some of the more advanced and unique topics presented at the 25th ISHRS World Scientific Congress in Prague Congress Centre, Czech Republic include:

Hair Biology Symposium with distinguished faculty presenting their latest research and newest approaches for stimulating hair growth and reversing hair miniaturization. A diverse panel of experts will lead a think tank discussion and share practical ideas for applying the newest information about hair biology in real-world patient settings.

Hair Follicle Neoformation: The Past, Present and Future of Hair Cloning with a review of hair cloning, a procedure during which scientists can make new fully functional hair follicles in the lab from just a few cells. The technique is just being tested but is expected to move forward with practical applications for humans in the future.

Transgender Transplantation with a focus on the rights and needs of the LGBTQ community as increasing numbers of individuals seek services to achieve physical change. Hairline feminization and facial hair transplant procedures have improved and provide natural-looking results when performed correctly by a trained physician. The session will also focus on HRS surgical indications and techniques which are critically important aspects of transgender care. In its just-released 2017 Practice Census, the ISHRS found that one-quarter of physician respondents indicated an increase in transgender hair transplants.

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery is a non-profit medical association dedicated to hair loss and hair restoration comprised of over 1,200 members – physicians & surgeons, researchers, and surgical assistants.