Elle Magazine Asks Dr. Rogers, What Steps To Follow If You Want Thicker Hair?

In an article written by Brittany Loggins, ELLE Magazine wanted to know what are the best and most effective methods for improving hair thickness.

Thick hair is the total dream, right? That said, hormonal changes, aging, and dyeing can damage and weaken your hair, causing it to thin out. Whether you’re worried about your hair thinning or just dreaming of thicker, healthier strands, there are thankfully so many options available to help. We’ve pulled together some recommendations from hair stylists, as well as a dermatologist and trichologist (a derm specialized in scalp/hair health) who will have you showing off a full, thick head of hair in no time.

Eat gummies, vitamins and supplements.
Say what you will, I believe in my heart that vitamins are the easiest and best thing you can do for your hair. After taking B-Complex gummy vitamins for only three weeks I started getting compliments on my shiny hair. I really do feel like it helped it grow out stronger and thicker as well.

Celebrity stylist Dimitri Giannetos, who works with Meghan Trainor and Maria Menounos, totally agrees. “If you’re over your thin hair, the solution is very simple: Try the Maxi-Hair vitamins from Whole Foods,” says Giannetos. These vitamins are biotin-rich and have lots of B vitamins as well.

While biotin is found in a lot of products, make sure that you’re not overdoing it. Trichologist Penny James, of Penny James Salon, and Dr. Nicole Rogers, a dermatologist who focuses on hair restoration, caution that high levels of biotin have been shown to interfere with blood work.

Rogers recommends Nutrafol for women who are worried about thinning hair. While gummies seemed to work for me, she cautions you to be careful about buying into over-the-counter supplements that boast hair growth.

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