Viral video shows hair buildup caused by drugstore shampoo

Here’s a look at the residue your shampoo might be leaving behind.

Companies often add silicones to products to coat the hair and make it feel thicker and fuller, said Dr. Nicole Rogers, a Louisiana-based dermatologist who specializes in hair restoration.

She says silicones that coat the hair aren’t necessarily harmful to the hair itself.

“I think they’re fine for your hair because they’re inert,” Rogers told TODAY Style. “People put them on for a reason because they have really fine, thin hair and so they’re trying to add extra body to it.”

She added that ingredients that coat the hair can offer protection from sun exposure, pollution and other environmental stresses.


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You guys. I took this video yesterday of my client. This is the result from years of using drugstore shampoo. This is build up from waxes silicones and parabens. Silicone is almost like rubber or plastic and is used as a sealant against water and even air. It’s NOT a natural ingredient and its side effects are bad for our hair. It gives your hair the illusion of shine, but it’s not the shine we want. We then bake it onto our hair with 450° hot tools and basically what it does is laminate the hair. Then when you color your hair it’s really coloring that build up on your hair and not penetrating to the core center of your hair. It’s also not allowing your natural oils and/or the ingredients in a proper shampoo to penetrate to the core center of your hair, it’s just sitting on top of that build up causing greasiness, flat, lifeless hair. Please share this video! Spread the word and stop the buildup — talk to me! 🖤

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