10 Year Hair Transplant Follow-up

There are two things that often change over time for hair transplant patients. The first is the progressive nature of hair loss, the other is the desire to add and enhance the hair transplant result. The patient profiled here came to us 10 years ago at the age of 58 with a relatively mature Norwood hair loss classification 4 pattern.  He had at that time 1200 one to four-haired grafts transplanted via FUT strip harvest to re-establish his hairline.  He also began taking oral dutasteride .5mg daily (per his internist, with the understanding that it is not FDA-approved for hair loss) but can be extremely helpful for maintaining existing hair in patients with male pattern hair loss. Additionally, he has been using topical minoxidil 5% foam on a regular basis.

Over the years he has had 2 additional hair transplant procedures for a total of 3600 hair grafts to thicken his results further. His after-results were taken 10 years post his first procedure.  He is exceptionally happy with his results and feels he looks healthier and younger than 10 year prior.