2 FUT Hair Transplant Procedures and Medical Hair Loss Therapy

This patient was 67 when he had his first hair transplant with Dr. Nicole Rogers. He underwent a total of two FUT procedures. In August of 2018 Dr. Rogers transplanted 1507 hair grafts and approximately 5 years later she transplanted an additional 1324 grafts, also harvested via FUT – donor strip excision method and dissescted under binocular microscopes by her technical team. The patient had been using oral finasteride + topical minoxidil for many years, recently he was switched to (off-label) dutasteride .5mg daily and remains on topical minoxidil. The linear donor scar which was always covered by the patients surrounding hair had scalp micropigmentation or SMP to further camouflage the donor scar. Watch the video presentation below and the patient’s photos.