“Boomerang” Hair Transplant Pattern

This 74-year-old male patient had gradually lost hair over the years. Fine diffuse hair growth was present throughout the top of his scalp, and a bald pattern was present in the crown.

His goal was to thicken and strengthen his existing hair and maintain the existing hairline.

Before, The Area to be treated was demarcated before surgery and 12 months post-op

To accomodate the patient, Dr. Rogers created a “boomerang pattern” to only address his frontal hair loss. She transplanted 1,301 1-4 hair grafts via FUT, strip harvest, hair transplant surgery. The focus was to add needed density to the alleys or sides of the top of the scalp that had the most thinning and reinforce the hairline. Dr. Rogers also prescribed a medical therapy upgrade from finasteride to dutasteride .5mg daily to help maintain the patient’s existing hair.

Hairline view before and after hair transplantation.

Right side view with “alleyways” along the part thickened.