Female Hair Transplant – Case Study – Advanced Hair Loss Restoration

This 66 year old female had progressive thinning over the vertex area for many years.

66 year old African American female before and after 2 hair transplant sessions.

Dr. Rogers believed that her condition was either CCCA (central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia) or FPHL (female pattern hair loss) and given the possibility of poor growth with CCCA elected to do a test transplant first of 25 hairs.

When she followed up at 4 months she had excellent growth so we decided to move forward with a 2nd larger case.

She underwent a traditional donor ellipse (FUT) in which we harvested 1045 grafts 1-4 hair follicular units and placed them back into the vertex.  Her follow up results are shown at 8 months and she was thrilled with the results.