Hair Transplant Case Study – 60 Year Old Male – Mature Hairline

This 60 year old male patient was experiencing significant frontal hair loss and some crown thinning that began approximately 10 years prior. After consultation with Dr. Rogers they agreed to do FUT hair transplant since he would never cut his hair short in the donor region. He tolerated the procedure well which included strip donor harvest and microscopic graft dissection. 1,603 hair grafts containing 1 to 4 hairs were implanted into the front and crown area. The hairline design was created to help the patient camouflage the results while healing and establish a normal and mature hairline. After photos were taken during his 12 month post-op follow up. He also incorporated oral finasteride 1mg daily and topical minoxidil 5% daily. He is thrilled with his results, as are we!

Before and 12 months post-op. Frontal hairline and anterior vertex treated.