Medical Hair Loss Therapy For 22 Year Old Male With Significant Thinning

It is always difficult to lose hair, it can be particularly difficult for a young man in his early 20’s. The patient below is a 22 years old with significant thinning throughout the top of his scalp. Early hair loss can be a precursor to the patient experiencing significant Norwood hair loss 6 or even 7 pattern loss over time. As a result young male patients are typically directed to medical therapy versus hair transplant surgery until their ultimate hair loss pattern can be better predicted. When this young came to our office for consultation Dr. Rogers discussed options with the patient and determined he would be best to start on topical minoxidil 5% foam twice daily as well as Procrinix shampoo / conditioner (dispensed in our office).

Before and 6 months after beginning medical hair loss therapy.

Although medical therapy for hair loss is the standard the approach and combination of therpaies can vary significantly along with the results. With this patient the results in only 6 month were, according to Dr. Rodgers “Almost Too Good To Be True!” He is currently continue with the prescribed regimen and has not incorporated finasteride at this point. He is thrilled with his improvement.

Crown view before and 6 months after beginning medical therapy.