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Meet The Mamba

Dr Rogers is excited to introduce the Mamba FUE device to her hair transplant practice. This device was developed by Dr Roberto Trivellini in Paraguay allows more control than ever before offered with follicular unit extraction/excision (FUE). Dr Rogers is…
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Halloween Hosting

Dr Rogers was excited to host three dermatology colleagues during the week of Halloween. Dr. Madeliene Gainers from Maryland, Dr. Nikki Hill from Atlanta, and Dr. Corey Hartman from Birmingham all made visits to observe FUT (strip) and FUE hair…
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Dr Rogers speaks at the ISHRS in Hollywood CA

Dr Rogers gave several talks at this year’s ISHRS meeting in Hollywood. Dr Rogers was excited to host a coffee table discussion on the subject of female hair transplantation. She discussed with meeting attendees who is the best candidate for…
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CARF’s 8th International Patient-Doctor Conference

Dr. Nicole Rogers is on the Board of Directors of the Cicatricial Alopecia Research Foundation (CARF) and presented and interacted with medical peers and patients in Philadelphia from June 8-10, 2018. CARF is the world’s only voice for patients with…
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Female – Medical Hair Loss Therapy

This is a 46 year old woman with female pattern hair loss. Dr. Rogers started her on spironolactone increasing to a dose of 150mg daily as well as topical minoxidil 5% foam once daily in the morning and oral Viviscal…
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77 Year Old Male Hair Transplant Case Study

This is a 77 year old male with Norwood Class 5 Hair loss. He underwent a FUT hair transplant procedure on 6-27-17 and received a total of 1700 1-4 hair follicular units. He also has been using oral finasteride 1mg…
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