Hair on Air Podcast 005 with Dr. Nicole Rogers- Telogen effluvium

Host: Dr. Gorana Kuka Epstein

Hair loss in women is not uncommon. It happens for a variety of reasons therefore it is critical to diagnose is properly in order to suggest an effective therapy. Many causes of hair loss in women remain undetected by doctors especially those triggers that can cause telogen effluvium. In this episode the two doctors discuss their approach in diagnosing acute shedding in patients and treatment options.

This thorough conversation is helpful for those experiencing hair loss, but can be very useful to doctors as well. Dr. Nicole Rogers is a fellowship-trained hair transplant surgeon and board-certified dermatologist. She graduated with honors from Harvard University and moved to New Orleans to attend Tulane Medical School. As a dermatology resident at Tulane she was chief resident and helped rebuild the training program after hurricane Katrina. Dr. Rogers has written and spoken extensively about surgical and medical treatments for hair loss, including contemporary techniques in hair transplantation, minoxidil, finasteride, and the use of low-level light therapy for hair growth.