Cosmetic Town, an online plastic surgery news and information community, announces the publication of the first issue of its companion print magazine. The new magazine, scheduled for release in mid-April, includes articles designed to educate the public about cosmetic surgery thanks to information provided by board-certified doctors from across the country.

Dr. Rogers previously had participated on their online forum and was proud to have been selected for the premier issue of their print publication. The new print journal is dedicated to educating patients about cosmetic procedures. Dr. Rogers spoke with their team about how medical hair restoration can be a great way for patients with early hair loss to get started, and especially for those patients who aren’t ready to undergo more involved steps like hair transplantation.

The magazine version of Cosmetic Town Journal will be mailed to doctors across the country to display and share in their office waiting rooms. The senior editor stated that “our distribution process is designed to reach the largest available audience across the United States. Doctors will have the opportunity to place the magazine in their lobbies so patients, as well as any family members and friends with them, can learn more about how plastic surgery is performed thanks to our peer reviewed articles and medical information.”