A topical 5% minoxidil SPRAY is now available from Hair Restoration of the South.

Dr. Rogers has worked with a compounding pharmacy to create this spray special 5% Topical Minoxidil Spray for her patients.

The spray applicator significantly improves the ease of application, and it is formulated to be propylene-glycol free which helps reduce irritation for patients who may have contact allergy to this preservative. Patients may obtain this by calling the office and purchasing it over the phone. It is then sent directly to their home in 1-2 business days.

Dr. Rogers Tip for Travel

Many people prefer to pour the solution into a travel hair spray bottle (available for $1-3 at any pharmacy or dollar store). This way they can quickly spritz the scalp whenever they remember. Take another minute to massage the medicine it to help it penetrate the scalp. This little trick is also great for college students who don’t want their roommates to know they are using Rogaine!