Should Women Have Hair Transplants

Dr. Nicole Rogers – a world renown hair loss expert and board certified dermatologist describes female hair loss and when a women is and isn’t a candidate for hair transplant. For many women medical therapy may be a better option and Dr. Rogers presents options for women experiencing hair loss

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Dr. Nicole Rogers, a board-certified dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon in New Orleans, Louisiana. Today, we’re gonna answer the question, should a woman get a hair transplant? Many of you have heard of celebrities like Joe Buck who have come out talking about their multiple hair transplant surgeries, and how well they did, and how much they liked the procedure. What about for women? Women can certainly undergo the procedure as well, and I would say there are three different situations that I find most of my females to be in. If you find that you have very thick, luscious hair in the back and that there’s a significant abundance of growth in what we call this donor area, in the back, then you probably would do very well with the hair transplant.

What if you have a little bit of thinning, kind of all over, but still pretty good density? Then I would say, first, let’s start by optimizing your medical therapy. We can use things like minoxidil, spironolactone, and finasteride, not only to help thicken the hair in the areas of thinning, but also to help fortify those donor hairs before you undergo a hair surgery. What if you’re in the third group, where maybe you have just very fine, very wispy hairs all over the entire scalp? You probably are not gonna find surgery to be your best option. Never fear, we can still implement a number of medical therapies, often in combination, and given time, usually six months, 12 months, sometimes over 3-5 years, we find that the hair will continue to fill in, and thicken, and give very nice results.