Best Products For Preserving Hair & Camouflaging Hair Loss

We like to offer my patients as many instant cosmetic options to help them improve the caliber and the quality of their hair, either while they’re waiting for medical therapy to kick in or waiting for their transplanted hairs to grow. So today, here are a few products that you can incorporate in the new year, 2020, to hopefully give you that extra added volume and fullness that you’re looking for.

One of our favorites is a product by L’Oreal. It’s called Cerafill. And they have a shampoo with conditioner. And then they have a leave-in product called Dense Fx. This product has been designed specifically to add fullness to the hair. This is good for people who need a good conditioner. Dr. Rogers usually recommends the green box. If you have that very fine corn silk hair and you’re afraid to use a heavy conditioner because you don’t want it to weigh down your hair, then you may be more interested in this Retaliate line. And the Retaliate line just has a very light weight conditioner.

If you’re not into kits, the other option is to purchase something individually. Dense Fx is a stand-alone product which instantly has been shown to add 9% volume to the hair. You don’t treat it on the scalp itself, you actually apply it to wet hair immediately before it gets blow dried. And that, again, adds that extra fullness.

What if you’re using topical Minoxidil and you’re just really tired of those commercially available products? Maybe you’re tired of the foam or you’re tired of the solution. Well, we offer a spray version which we dispense through the pharmacy upstairs. And many patients have found this to be a little bit more palatable. This version, a 5% Minoxidil, is propylene glycol free. However, we are now offering it both ways. And there are subtle differences in the consistency. Some of them are a little bit more moisturizing. The other is better for sensitive scalp. So, we just choose the one that’s going to be best for you, depending on your particular situation.

If you have that bald or thinning spot that you just can’t cover and it just drives you crazy. Maybe we have you on some kind of medical therapy, but you’re still waiting for that hair to grow in. Hair loss camouflage fibers have been shown to be very helpful. Now, there’s a number of commercially available options, but we have worked to develop a proprietary version at Hair Restoration of the South. It comes in a variety of colors, from black, all the way to auburn to gray. Probably, our most popular colors are medium and dark brown. But what these do is these fibers are all natural. They’re cotton based and they instantly interpolate with your hair follicles and so it instantly adds that fullness that can create almost sort of a magical covering within a few seconds of application.

For those who prefer supplements Viviscal is another interesting product. We don’t recommend it as first-line therapy for hair regrowth, however, their AminoMar complex is a proprietary blend and we recommend the Viviscal pro version because it contains procyanidins.

Now, what are procyanidins? These are antioxidants which are derived from things like grape seed extract and apple extract and what they found in the Japanese medical literature is that this can help regrow the hair follicles and it can help increase the thickness and the longevity of the follicles.