2-Day FUT Hair Transplant with 2,829 Hair Grafts

This 53-year-old male patient presented with a 30-year history of hair loss and was a Norwood Class 5/6. He was very tall and had an above-average-sized head. He was a musician and wanted to look his best for performances. Our goal was to restore his hairline and fill in as much of the crown as possible. He had tried finasteride but did not feel it helped him. We suggested oral minoxidil at the consultation, and he started taking 1.25mg eventually increasing to 2.5mg daily.

In order to help him have as much hair as possible, as soon as possible, we decided to perform a large FUT (strip) hair surgery, moving 2,829 grafts over the course of two days, to help fill in the frontal scalp and as much of the crown as possible.

Top view before and 18 months post-op. He no longer colors his hair to look youthful.

Front view

Right part view.

Everyone was thrilled with his results after one year of growth. He was able to stop coloring his hair because he felt confident about his looks. His internist was also thrilled because the oral minoxidil helped control his blood pressure!