Eyebrow Hair Restoration Case Study Over 1 Year

This 54-year-old woman always disliked her fine, thin eyebrows. When she was younger her eyebrows were fuller and more glamorous. A year ago she came to Dr. Rogers to restore he appearance. Dr. Rogers used a linear strip excision (LSE, or FUT) to harvest 350-400 one to four hair grafts from the back of the scalp.

Before surgery, eyebrow design prior to surgery, immediately post surgery and 1 week post-op

Eyebrow hair transplant is a very delicate and artistic procedure. The patient and surgeon have to agree on the eyebrow design and then the incision angle to implant the tiny grafts needs to be more severe than in a hair transplant to the scalp and prior hair growth patterns need to be followed.

This patient was very determined to restore her eyebrows and over a year documented her progress from before to the current fabulous look she and Dr. Rogers were able to achieve.

The eyebrow hair growing in at 3, 8 and 12 months post surgery.