Female Hair Transplant with Grey Hair

This 60-year-old female patient came to Dr. Rogers because she was unhappy with her bitemporal receding hair line which had occurred over the past few years. Dr. Rogers recommended a small FUT hair transplant. With her thick, full hair everywhere else the small linear scar would never be visible in the donor area and would involve a small area to shave to perform the linear strip excision which would immediately be covered by her existing hair. During the procedure, Dr. Rogers transplanted 905 one to four hair grafts that were dissected from the strip and prepared under microscope.  Photos were taken below on her 1 year follow up and she was very happy with the cosmetic outcome.

Right temple region before and after hair transplant. Interestingly, the darker hairs from her donor area were evident in the corners, adding dimension and texture to her cosmetic outcome!