Case Study

Fabulous Hair Transformation

This patient is a 58 year old Caucasian female who had developed significant hair breakage from highlights and keratin treatments, in the context of early female pattern hair loss. She stopped the damaging treatments and started using topical minoxidil and…
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Norwood Class 6 Hair Loss Case Study

This is a 67 year old male patient with Norwood Class 6 Hair Loss. His hair loss began in his early twenties and progressed to this advanced hair loss pattern. His hair density was slightly below average but had good…
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Female – Medical Hair Loss Therapy

This is a 46 year old woman with female pattern hair loss. Dr. Rogers started her on spironolactone increasing to a dose of 150mg daily as well as topical minoxidil 5% foam once daily in the morning and oral Viviscal…
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77 Year Old Male Hair Transplant Case Study

This is a 77 year old male with Norwood Class 5 Hair loss. He underwent a FUT hair transplant procedure on 6-27-17 and received a total of 1700 1-4 hair follicular units. He also has been using oral finasteride 1mg…
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Medical Therapy For Hair Loss – 59 Year Old Female

This 59 year old female had been experiencing hair loss for over 10 years. Approximately 6 years ago Dr. Rodgers initiated medical therapy . She has been using a combination of topical minoxidil, oral spironolactone, and oral finasteride 5mg  daily. …
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Hair Restoration to Conceal Browlift Scar

This 72 year old female who was bothered by hair thinning in the front as well as a visible scar from a previous browlift surgery. Dr. Rogers performed FUT (strip harvest) hair transplantation. 1,775 1-4 hair follicular units where transplanted throughout…
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