On Saturday, April 18th, Dr. Rogers gave a lecture to the Tulane Dermatology residents on hair and scalp dermoscopy. It was part of an all-day course organized by Dr. Jim Elder (left) on skin dermoscopy. Dr. Rogers covered the clues associated with male and female pattern hair loss, including hair miniaturization, peripilar casts, and yellow dots. Signs associated with cicatricial or scarring alopecia (tufting, perifollicular erythema, and perifollicular hyperkeratosis) were also discussed, as well as findings of alopecia areata. Lastly, scalp conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis were also covered.

Dr. Marcelo Pitchon (right), a visiting hair transplant surgeon from Brazil, was also present for the course. He gave a lecture on ‘long hair’ transplant to the residents.

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