On Friday, April 17th Dr. Rogers hosted the Brazilian hair transplant surgeon Dr. Marcelo Pitchon for Louisiana's first 'long-hair transplant.'

The case involved removing a donor ellipse from the back of the scalp while leaving the hairs long (approximately 10cm in length). The patient understood that the hair would still enter a resting phase and fall out 2-6 weeks after surgery, before growing in 6-12 months after surgery.

Although the separation and placement of the grafts was more time consuming, the end result was very exciting because the patient could have a 'preview' of what her hair would look like !

Patients may opt undergo “long hair transplant”. This technique involves leaving the donor hair long. Then, when the follicles are transplanted they can instantly see what their final results will look like! Patients should expect shedding of some or all of the transplanted hairs prior to their permanent growth. However, it can be exciting to leave the office with a preview of how the transplanted hair will look in its final form.